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Image CDN - Case Study - This website - November 2021

If you are aiming to use an Image CDN then you will probably want to check the website that is actually selling the product/service – so here it is –  these are the results for this website.

The aim was to increase the speed of the website pages by implementing the next-generation CDN image server. This will reduce bounce rates and increase conversion by delivering the web pages faster. 

Images are delivered in webP format (Google format developed in 2010) – Google now uses this preferred format as part of their Google algorithm, Web Core Vitals – this means better SEO. 

October 2021

November 2021

Image Engine Case Study
ImageEngine Case study

We used a WordPress plugin to setup the image CDN via an API code. We tested using GTMetrix before the installation of the plugin. We tested immediately after the install and then later in the day.

We also optimized the server, updated all the plugins and platform versions.

Results: From D to A, 6.1 seconds to 795 milliseconds

To prove a point after the 30 day trial period we switched off the Image CDN – this was the result

Image CDN Case Study

                     This is the best we could get the site for now – wait 48 hours   

Wordpress CDN

        48 hours after – it takes some time for the impact of the optimization to be seen.

Image CDN

If you would like a free 30 day trial of the next generation Image server please contact us